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Compliance Behavior is a program part of the AUDCOM platform that offers a wide range solutions of compliance related needs for a variety of industries. The program is adaptable for your firm's needs in compliance. Bearing in mind a detailed structure with an easy to use interface.

The program has a core objective of remaining compliant in communications, marketing, consultancy and development of the compliance knowledge basis.

Calls & Written Communication Monitoring

  • Calls Evaluation 

  • Written Communication Evaluations

  • Evaluation Scheme for compliance level of communications

  • Covering several languages

  • Personalised Reporting  for Un-compliant Behaviour of Staff

  • Trained Monitoring Officers in the Compliance Field

  • Dedicated Platform for the firm data sharing

Marketing Material Review

  • Insuring and approving marketing material that is Fair, Clear and not Misleading

  • Suggestions on Material Content and consultations with your firms marketing team

  • Remaining helpful at the creation, campaign planning, content productions and content delivery

  • Issuing reports of the Content and Approval of compliance standard from Auditiams  & monitoring of marketing activities

Complaints Handling

  • Assistance of creation of a complaint handling policy 

  • Consulting for your firm the best steps & recommendations to handle your complaint

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